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TechBTC provides comprehensive support in Security and Information Technology; being a secure distributor of competitive and cutting-edge products and brands. Also providing advice and training, with solutions aimed at efficiency and achievement.

About Us TechBTC

Our History

Our History TechBTC emerges as part of the Bridge Trading USA, LLC group. Founded in 2009. We are a company based in Miami, USA with representation in Latin America and …

Values TechBTC

Mission, Vision, Values

At TechBTC we appreciate these years of confidence and growth. We aspire to follow our development, position ourselves as a mandatory reference for our clients at the moment of undertaking …


Project Design and Drawings

Project Design and Drawings

Our experience, knowledge and synergy with manufactures. Allow our team to create project from the scratch. Adding values to the solutions and pursuing the efficiency in the project with the quality deserved.  We can deliver a complete A&E, Project, BoM and drawing to our customer ready to start any project. 

Project Management and Commissioning Services

Project Management and Commissioning Services

With more than 350 projects ready done!  our technical and engineer team allow to complete any project around the world in the time and in budget.  Get things done is our goal. 

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At TechBTC, we are one with our customers

At TechBTC, we are one with our customers

At TechBTC, we are one with our customers. We combine our experience with prestigious brands to achieve successful projects. Therefore, we provide integral support in security and information technology projects. …