The basic, physical and organizational structure needed for every aspect in your organization are the founding pillars of a successful operation.

Let TECHBTC build with you such important asset, as is infrastructure, in the projects.


AOCC - Infrastructure

OCC is a leader in engineering and manufacturing of a variety of firstrate, high-performance connectivity and wiring solutions; our products are designed to be smarter in challenging situations and difficult environments. Made in USA. We know about fiberl

ITW Link

Any power spike can become costly. By not only destroying or damaging technology, also downtime can damage your business.

ITW Link is a leader in surge protection by offering innovative products to power and protect todays electrical and communications infrastructures, resulting in increased network reliability and sustainability.

SurgeGate ™ ITW Link’s technology is two steps ahead of anything available on the market today. It has become the standard of excellence for companies seeking the best in power surge protection.

Furukawa - Infrastructure

Furukawa is a great infrastructure solution. Do you hear about  GPON, we got it! We can support your full and complete networking  and  solution

PASO SpA is a leading company on the sound-broadcasting and congress system markets and is highly appreciated in the world. PASO offers a complete range of products certified to EN 54

Xtreme Power, are a global provider of power quality solutions, is dedicated to providing the most reliable power protection for mission critical applications. Its innovative product portfolio goes from 350VA to 140kVA  in standby, line interactive, online, and isolated online topologies. They ensures customer peace of mind with ideal solutions for maximum uptime. Xtreme Power manufactures UPS, power distribution units, and portable cooling products for a global network of OEMs and distributors including TechBTC.