Access Control

We have in our catalogue the access control solutions leading brands, locking solutions and automation solutions.

Also in data transmission for professional security applications, surveillance, access control and more. Also, electronic locking devices that use intelligent RFID to remote control, door attendance controllers and more. No matter the size of your company, business or home, there is an access control solution for every need.

XPR - Access Control

XPR has grouped these three lines under the same brand: Access Control Solutions, Locking Solutions and Home Automation and Hotel solutions. Very confidence and real non-expensive solution. From  small to large project and we are integrated with Milestone and DW.

Infinias is the access control platform that belongs to the 3xlogic Group Presence controllers with one door option, allows integration with HID readers, Exceed in Wiegand 26 or MIFARE. Milestone works  with us!

Altronix - Access Control

The global leader in power and data transmission solutions for professional Security, Surveillance, Access Control and Fire applications. We going to appear everywhere, because we can power any system. By the way my Warranty is lifetime.

Evoxs is the new range in electronic locking devices using smart RFID and shadow card technology. They are battery powered and completely wireless. Systems can handle 128 – 64,000 doors.

Idteck - Access Control

A professional integrated security company that provides security system equipment with high level to continuous innovation. Milestone works with us!

The New security inspection equipment W/Dual-energy X-Ray, makes use of the powerful X-Ray energy to inspect baggage and goods. From any size from small baggage to Cargo size scanners, you can be confident your security team will inspect everything with provided dual LCD 24inch Display.