Networking is all about communications, data, audio, video and Ethernet. Such projects and the challenges that are generated can be arranged by solutions provided with us.

With a vast experience on communications projects, we will deliver quality, performance and a wonderful ecosystem to success gathering.


Allied Telesis - Networking

We have been serving the needs of the network communications industry for more than 30 years. The reliability and value of our products are a constant and highly respected value for our customers and partners around the world.

Alcatel Lucent - Networking

We are ALE and serve over 830,000 customers worldwide under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand. Together with our partners, we make it all connect by tailoring award-winning solutions to your organization (your people, processes and customers)  to help your business compete in a digital world.

¿How we work? Data, Software, Communications, Network Infrastructure, Cloud. The components that make them up and the physical and cloud framework that binds them together. The people who make them work and the digital transformations they enable. These are the things that excite us.

Comnet - Networking

ComNet is a manufacturer of audio, video, data and Ethernet communication products. Located in Danbury, Connecticut, USA and Leeds in the United Kingdom, ComNet focuses on providing innovative communications networking solutions to the Security Market, Intelligent Transportation System Markets and Power Transportation and Distribution Market.

Dell - Networking

Networking solutions help optimize your data center based on an open ecosystem where organizations can pick from innovative, industry-standard network applications, OS and hardware.