Advanced video analytics on video surveillance

Advanced video analytics on video surveillance

Video Analytics transformed how we see video surveillance. A few years ago, video surveillance depended largely on human factors. Most of the time spent on manual inspections and visual identification.  Today, that has changed.  Companies like Ironyun, offer analytical video solutions with IA and Deep Learning. 


These solutions, based in Deep Learning, are in constant growth. That is, they have a continuous learning. Vaidio video analysis platform (from Ironyun) has ability to detect anomalies, find objects and patterns in multiple video transmissions at a superhuman speed.  They are more than 90% accurate; in recognition and detection, they can exceed 98%.

Vaidio solutions search, detect and recognize intrusion, faces, objects, animals, people, vehicles, weapons, license plates).  Additionally, it detects in real time and with great precision smoke and fire. In case for unusual events, solution sends real-time alerts to operator. Therefore, it allows immediate response.

Iron Yun server
You can have the entire IronYun Power in a device as small as a pen. Get control and power in a small package.

Video Analytics Applications

Video analytics is applicable on:


  • Behavior
  • Counting
  • Address
  • Faces (access control)
  • Perimeter Security/Intrusion
  • Weapons detection


  • Counting
  • Address
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • Brand/Model
  • Parking

Social Health

  • Face mask
  • Social distancing
  • Occupation
  • Temperature

IronYun Video Analytics

Vaidio’s platform is simple and intuitive. It can be integrated with the large VMS on the market (such as Milestone and Genetec) and with any IP camera with ONVIF standard. It is running worldwide. 

Vaidio for Security and Access Control

Controls access using facial or license plate recognition Monitor ten or ten thousand live video transmissions simultaneously. In addition, is able to search for days or weeks in seconds’ video material.

This solution is ideal for protecting areas and buildings from unauthorized access. 

Vaidio Social Health Intelligence™

It allows automating all health protocol reviews. Controls access to a certain area by detecting masks or high temperatures. Likewise, it controls occupation and distance. To learn more about IronYun, click here. We are periodically hosting webinars, eTraining, certifications and more. Check out our eTraining section, where we will be posting our schedule. You can also follow us on our social networks or subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date.

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