How to protect your assets against power surges?

How to protect your assets against power surges

An electrical surge is a rise in electrical voltage that exceeds the normal values. There are two types, permanent and transitory surges. Permanent ones have an undetermined duration. They are capable to reach values higher than 10% over the value for electrical voltage established as normal. On the other hand, transients have a very short duration. However, they exceed the nominal voltage by tens or even kilovolts.

What can cause power surge?  

  • Lightning, either from direct impact or from lightning that falls in proximity to the power source.
  • Neutral breakage.
  • Abrupt load changes.
  • Short circuit in the ground.
  • Voltage drops caused during connection and disconnection from non-loaded lines.
  • Switching of high-powered machinery
  • Maneuvers or defects in the power supply

Why protect against power surge? 

Power surges could have serious consequences on your business. Even can come with a high economic impact. Not only is a power surge capable to cause serious damage to technology equipment and directly affecting the company’s finances. In addition, it can interrupt services and in the end negatively affect the reputation of your brand.

What to protect from power surge?

It is essential to protect all those systems or infrastructures considered critical or that directly influence the business.

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Security systems and cameras
  • Wireless
  • Industrial controls
  • Companies
  • Medical Infrastructure
  • LED Lighting

Surge Protection Solution

One the best surge protection solutions on the market is ITW Linx SurgeGate technology. 

ITW Linx is a leader in surge protection. It consists of recognized brands that specialize in their own technology. Its brands are committed to customer service, product quality and innovative solutions to power and protect todays electrical and communications infrastructure.

SurgeGate Features

SurgeGate has one of the most outstanding technologies. It is two steps ahead of any other technology available in the market today.

Grounding System Protection

SurgeGate technology has an indicator of system degradation to ground. Similarly, it provides a ground fault indicator. This represents an additional failure insurance in order to have a more robust installation of the ground system.

Data and voice application safeguards can be strengthened using ITW Linx AC protectors with SurgeGate modules. In this way, all lines to your equipment remain safe and automatically connected through a single earth connection.

High speed of response

Linx’s ITW surge protection devices have the ability to respond within 1-5 nanoseconds once a surge or lightning event is detected.  As soon as it detects the event, it diverts unwanted energy to ground.  ITW Linx’s surge protectors ensure that the signal and power are not degraded.

ITW Linx Warranty

ITW Linx products SurgeGate™ have a product warranty and a connected equipment warranty not offered by other manufacturers.

Automatic Reset

The surge protection technology in ITW Linx computers, including SurgeGate, has automatic reset circuits. In other words, the protectors automatically reset when the surge conditions are over.


Today, SurgeGate is the standard of excellence for companies seeking the best in electrical surge protection.

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