C4 Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

C4 Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

C4 is a platform that integrates physical security solutions (access control, fire detection, camera systems and operational information) into a single location and provides a centralized multi-user solution for building security management (BMS). In other words, manages physical security for your buildings, with a wide range of security solutions, from a single location.

With C4, not only can you manage your employees’ access to facilities, but you can also control access by your visitors. Visitor Management System is fully integrated in C4.

With an open modular platform design. Therefore, deployment can be adjusted to the customer’s needs. From the simplest to the most complex requirements.

Relevant features of C4

  • Open architecture: it can integrate with security systems from different manufacturers. It also allows integration with other information systems related to: personnel, geographic, parking, among others. It can be adapted to customer needs.
  • Monitoring of security systems: all security devices can by monitored from the same environment.
  • Automation of security processes: provides advantage to predefine processes that will execute automatically by server.
  • Crisis management: provides our customer with the peace of mind to return to their normal situation after a crisis scenario.
  • Central identity management: manages user identity and controls access to company resources. Improves productivity and security. 
  • Visitor management: manages visitor identity, reads information from identification documents. Assigns access according to need.
  • International configuration: is capable of operating in multiple time zones. In addition, it supports several languages.
  • No limitation on client licenses: offers possibility to share identity and security information on a single server for an unlimited number of users.

C4 Advantage

Main advantage offered by C4 is its ability to be customizable. This advantage has its origin in its open architecture design.

Are there any fields or sections missing from C4 application?

Customize C4 client. You can create new fields as needed.

Do you need to share information to or from C4 Application?

Share data with another information system. C4 can integrate with information system required to operate your safety management.

Do you wish that you could fully tailor C4 Application to your needs?

Create your own application. Third-party developers can create their own application with C4 technology. This translates into complete customer customization, new application development, implementation on other platforms and operating systems.

Did you purchase new devices that you want to integrate with C4 application?

Integrate new devices. C4 application gives you possibility to integrate a wide variety a devices.

Usage scenarios

Office Buildings

Main concern for owners on commercial buildings is to protect people and physical facilities. C4 controls both employee and visitor access. Additionally, it restricts access as much as required.

Industrial Centers

Industrial center infrastructures, due to their nature, are critical areas. C4 provides global security by paying special attention to risk levels to which these facilities are exposed. It facilitates operations in a safer and more effective way.

Chain Stores

Chain stores often face theft situations. C4 helps to reduce crime events due to theft. Safety devices can integrate with cashier’s system. 


For corporations, physical security is essential. They protect their tangible and intangible assets and their most important asset: their employees. Generally, corporations have several buildings located in different locations. C4 manages security for all buildings; it is capable on monitoring several security devices in several buildings regardless of distance between buildings.


Transport mobilizes many people, which is why they are often the scenarios most used by attackers to destabilize. This represents a high impact. C4, aware of potential damage from this type of attack, facilitates security system integration between public and private organizations, from metropolitan transit authorities to air and train companies.    

Security Agencies

C4 provides security companies with capacity to manage complex projects from a desktop.  No matter if, they are geographically distant. It allows for more evaluations that are accurate and improves performance of security services. 

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