Herta facial recognition

Herta facial recognition

Herta’s facial recognition solutions are highly innovative.  Its facial recognition technology is the fastest and most advanced in the world.

Their high level on competitiveness and innovation gave them several awards. In 2020, got awards from Frost & Sullivan for excellence in biometrics and from European Commission they received COVID-19 Seal of Excellence.

They develop security software, specializing in identifying crowds in real time via IP cameras. Their service is focus on security.

Herta relies on Deep Learning technology. Their algorithms are able to detect and identify people even with large facial occlusions. That is, they can identify people even when they wear a mask.

Benefits from Herta facial recognition software

  • Herta’s software is unique. It stands out in speed, accuracy and ease of use.
  • It has the ability to recognize and identify a face among thousands in only one second. In other words, it identifies suspects, criminals, and unauthorized persons in a crowd in a second.  “Herta is the scanner to identify bad guys”
  • One of its great benefits is identifying people who wear masks or have large occlusions. This advantage will allow reliable identification of people in critical locations such as airports, border controls, transportation, and healthcare industry, among others.
  • Herta technology could be applicable to perform access control (in any area) or to verify people’s identity.

Application fields of face recognition

Sporting events

Sports events bring crowds together. This environment is increase vandalism rates. For this reason, sports event organizers invest in protecting people and facilities with facial recognition systems.


In business, the goal is to control personnel access to administrative buildings as well as to operational or more sensitive areas within an organization. Facial recognition allows you to have reliable access control, especially in areas with restricted access.


This sector uses this technology to check citizen’s identity at voting stations, border controls, searches for missing persons, police investigations and more.


Flow in train and airport systems is high. Due that, this sector uses facial recognition. User identification and citizen security is paramount in this vertical. 


It applies facial recognition to solve frequent theft problems in its stores. Usually, the same people commit thefts. Consequently, they use facial recognition to identify these people and create blacklisting to prevent this crime.  


Casinos use facial recognition to restrict access to their facilities. They also use it to identify their VIP customers.


Uses facial recognition to authenticate its users at any time during a bank transaction. Similarly, it applies it to identifying its users when they report to offices, as well as to identifying persons who have committed fraud (blacklists).


Patient identification is one the most critical issues for the entire health care industry, both providers and payers benefit from that. Facial recognition supports patient identification by achieving a high level of connection to historical records such as examinations, prescriptions and preconditions.

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