Access Control and Secure Identification with STID

Access Control and Secure Identification with STID

STID is a leader in secure identification and access control. It is the leading manufacturer of instinctive and non-contact security technologies. In fact, its solutions are certified. Additionally, it is stands out by modernization. As a result, it has nine innovation awards.

It has more than 500 partners around the world. In other words, they protect millions of users. At heart, it safeguards people, goods and data.

Instinctive access control

The author behind the concept on instinctive security is STID. Since 1996, the way to protect goods, people and data has evolved. Then, they created the smoothest, simplest and instinctive modes of identification available worldwide.

Overview access control products

High safety standards

STID is notable for the high-level security provided by its products. That is, their products are OSDP™. In addition, they comply with the GDPR and the SSCP.

In addition to the above, and to meet particular demands of critical industries, STID offers a range of access control readers that comply with European directives (99/92/EC and 94/9/EC) and with ATEX (EN60079) and IECEx certifications.

Smooth access control for people and vehicles

The products are sensitive and intuitive. In other words, easy to use.  It ensures that people and vehicles have access to the facilities with great ease.   As a result, they do not feel limited or restricted by security systems.

End-to-end security

Their products protect, from end to end, the sensitive data linked to identification.

Open technology

They develop identification and access control solutions under an open platform. In addition, public encryption algorithms are used.


The development under open platform gives autonomy to their customers. In other words, they have the ability to make updates according to their needs. 

Flexibility and scalability

The solutions are easily integrable into any organization. In other words, they can be adapted to companies. In other words, flexibility for customers.

Their products are modular and easy to integrate. Consequently, they allow your customers to save time and money. This means scalability.

Stid products


  • Architect Blue / STid Mobile ID readers
  • High security readers (WAL, Architect, interfaces)
  • 125 kHz & dual-frequency readers
  • ATEX & IECEx certified readers
  • Hands-free & vehicle access
  • Armory management and security
  • OEM modules
  • Cards & credentials
  • Handled terminals


  • Software kits & encoders
  • STid Mobile ID
  • High security access
  • Smooth and safe access
  • Easy access management to vehicles
  • Protection of your equipment and assets in explosive environments
  • Digital armory management solution


  • Customization of access control for readers and ID cards
  • STid OEM Service: Design and manufacture to OEM specifications
  • RFID/IoT training

In addition to the wide range of solutions, STid works hand in hand with its clients from change management to training and adoption.

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