Artificial Intelligence applied to capacity control

Artificial Intelligence applied to capacity control

A global need, for the New Normality, is the control of the capacity on a given space. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in this area. Artificial Intelligence maximizes the possibilities of success in capacity control and people counting.

At TechBTC, we are aware of the new realities in the world. For that reason, today we talk about capacity control and people counting. These two points are key to control the expansion of COVID-19.

The New Normality aims to activate gradually the daily life. Consequently, it is essential to control access in all areas where there may be crowding. In other words, the new realities force us to develop solutions, which effectively control the concurrence within a place. To establishing limits on people’s access to areas is a need.

Counting people

People counting management consists mainly on conventional cameras supported by artificial intelligence software. In other words, the cameras, together with the software, are capable of detecting a person. They get 3D information, use parameters such as height so they can unambiguously detect a person. Additionally, they verify the direction of its movement and finally, they count the entry or exit of the person from a given area.

Limit and control the capacity with Artificial Intelligence

Capacity control systems delimit the occupation of a specific site. They establish the maximum number of people that can be in a given space.

In terms of artificial intelligence, they are responsible for restricting access to defined areas in real time. That is to say, they detect people, manage the count and verify, depending on the limit for occupancy at the site, if you can or cannot give access. In addition, they are able to learn and calculate estimated waiting times to access the site. These solutions have a high level of accuracy.

The aforementioned artificial intelligence systems, guarantee the safety of the facilities and the users. Therefore, they control in an optimal way the maximum flow of clients in an automatic way and in real time. That is, you know at all times the level of occupancy at the site. Then you can decide whether another person may get in. Therefore, the risk of contagion and other accidents decreases.

At Techbtc we, handle capacity control with ai

We support our customers in the Artificial Intelligence implementation to overcome the challenges in capacity management and more.

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