At TechBTC, we are one with our customers

At TechBTC, we are one with our customers

At TechBTC, we are one with our customers. We combine our experience with prestigious brands to achieve successful projects. Therefore, we provide integral support in security and information technology projects.

We are committed to our business philosophy. Therefore, we sustain our commercial alliances grounded in our values. In other words, we frame out our daily actions with integrity, reliability and passion.

Within our values framework, we distribute cutting-edge products with high quality standards. In addition, we work with open platforms. This makes it easy to integrate our solutions into your platform.

We support your projects design and advice

We provide our customers with services that generate value to their businesses.

A key aspect within design and consulting is to stay at cutting edge technology. This is our basis for selecting your project’s ideal brands and products.

We are one with the customer in developing their projects. That is why we work hand in hand with you. We accompany and advise you in creating your project from scratch. We rely on our experience, knowledge and synergy with our manufacturers in order to provide you with global support.

According to each circumstance, we analyze and recommend the most appropriate. Namely, the most advantageous in brands, products, materials, execution times, alternative solutions, etc. In order to provide efficiency and quality in each project. Because for us it is important to add value to your solutions. That is why we create successful projects in security and information technologies.

Our ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers. Therefore, we care about providing competitive advantage. Moreover, we create solutions adapted to their needs.

We are one with our customers in commissioning their projects

At TechBTC, we make sure that all components within a project work properly. Our technical and engineering team verifies design, install, test and commissioning. In other words, they check and inspect a project’s entire operational cycle.

We have capacity to implement not only new projects, but also go on with existing projects.

In our experience, we have more than 350 projects implemented and delivered to our customers. Achievement is our goal.

As achievement as a goal, we promote training and certification to our customers. Because we want our users to know how their projects work.

At TechBTC, you have a perfect partner to develop security solutions.  We are one creating with you.

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