Free License for PROS CS Software

Free License for PROS CS Software

XPR Access Control Brand together with TechBTC has decided to allow Free PROS CS licenses for XPR’s Online access solution in the Latin American market, allowing access to benefits such as Time & Attendance, Reporting Management, etc.  

PROS CS Management and Programming Software for EWSI/EWS Controllers

PROS CS is a client-server software for a EWS networked access control system. This software enables several clients to connect to the system locally or remotely.

There are two options for using PROS CS 5.0: either with this Free License; or with a Full License for additional functionality simply by inserting a USB key (CS Key), into the PROS CS server.

To apply for the free license you must have a system of EWSi drivers installed.  

XPR access control and locking systems

XPR offers its access control and locking systems worldwide, exporting its products to more than 30 countries. It groups three lines under the same brand: access control solutions, blocking solutions and home automation with hotel solutions.

Its main line includes access control readers (biometrics, RFID readers and keyboards), door controller systems, quality electromagnetic locks and other patented locking solutions. They have also ventured into new web services solutions.

It should be noted that the XPR PROS CS platform is integrated with the Milestone VMS. Stability and great design of the brand makes it a very accessible product for vertical markets such as Government, Finance, etc.

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