Milestone as an open video surveillance platform

Milestone as an open video surveillance platform

Milestone as a company

Milestone Systems is a world leader in open platform Video Management Software (VMS) for video surveillance.  In other words, the company designs, develops and produces IP video management solutions.

Founded in 1998. At present, it has more than 10 thousand partners around the world. Milestone’s success relies on its business model.  It is based on commercial openness and maintaining an open platform culture and philosophy in the surveillance industry.

Its extensive experience reflects twenty-one years in the industry, pioneering IP video surveillance technology and maintaining its position as a leader. 

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Milestone as a product

Today, there is great concern for the safety of businesses and homes. More and more organizations and individuals are choosing to invest in safeguarding their most valuable assets. The most valuable asset is peace of mind; Milestone XProtect is the guarantee for your peace of mind.


It is a video management software (VMS), which brings together in one product what is necessary to keep people and property safe. It is an open platform, therefore, has a community (camera manufacturers, application providers and software developers) in constant growth generating value. Consequently, it is capable of integrating itself into any customer’s platform. Furthermore, it allows our customers to create a tailor-made solution for their IP-based video surveillance systems.

Reliable: It has a native, high performance-recording server. It has three (03) viewing clients from anywhere at any time.

Customizable: Because it is an open platform, it gives you infinite possibilities to create a solution adjusted to your needs.

Scalable: The licensing model is simple. It accepts an unlimited number of recording servers (for most Xprotect products). Similarly, for distributed video surveillance systems they can be centralized and managed with Milestone Interconnect.

Easy to use: Have user-friendly interface.

Secure: The recording and management servers encrypt securely sensitive data. Secure evidence management.

Combinations of Xprotect

  • XProtect Essential+ (Free)
    Entry-level software for small businesses that require basic yet effective functionality.
  • XProtect Express+
    Cost effective software for small businesses that require video analysis.
  • XProtect Professional+
    Perfect for medium sized companies that want complete graphic supervision of their installations.
  • XProtect Expert
    Ideal software for medium and large installations that require centralized management.
  • XProtect Corporate
    Designed for large, high security installations distributed over several locations.

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