Videotec is video surveillance in critical condition areas

Videotec is surveillance in critical condition areas


Videotec has been making its mark on the European market since 1986. Throughout these years, it has kept its focus on innovation. Hence, its impetus in the continuous creation of increasingly modern products.

Stands out in the invention of products for security camera management. Above all, in the monitoring of difficult external environments.

Videotec is innovation

Projects into the future of new technologies. It dedicates a great effort to research and development. Therefore, it supports collaborative environments with different universities. In this way, it is at the forefront of engineering technologies, techniques and materials.

Currently having 19 international patents. This is the result of his constant research and development into technology advances and engineering.

Scope of application

Videotec excels in surveillance associated with critical condition areas. However, its wide range of products are applicable in many places. These are traffic control, urban surveillance, government, public and private facilities, commercial companies, prisons, stadiums and border control.

Videotec in critical locations

With a strong presence in many industries like oil and gas, marines, ports, and severe weather environments. They are ready even for offshore and onshore sites.

Offering a wide range of specialized and certified explosion-proof surveillance products. In addition, products enjoy a high degree of protection.

Oil and Gas

Real time tracking in critical areas detect dangerous situations very quickly. Therefore, Videotec’s products facilitates decision making in record time. Thus, it achieves the reduction of the possibilities of accidents.

Offshore marine

Designed to withstand the most abrasive media. For this reason, it has the global competence to face the complex problems of marine and industrial installations.

Critical infrastructure and transport

Having the capacity to cover, completely, surveillance and monitoring needs linked to critical infrastructures. Likewise, in traffic on roads and motorways, public and urban safety, dynamic and complex outdoor environments in general.

Videotec products

A vast catalogue in the surveillance world, gives the capability for adapting to any critical condition environment. Some of them are:

  • PTZ Cameras
  • Fixed Cameras & housings
  • Positioners and telemetry
  • Cables
  • Washing systems
  • Spotlights
  • Video Management

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