eTraining for today’s needs by TechBTC

eTraining for today needs by TechBTC

Through our monthly eTraining at TechBTC, we help our customers build successful solutions with high performance products. As a result, we benefit our audience. Consequently, we provide them with the ease of gaining knowledge of our partner brands.

During May, TechBTC made four eTrainings with following topics:

eTraining, Biometry in Pandemic Times

Preventing the Spread by Covid-19 Pandemic is a Priority for TechBTC. Therefore, in this eTraining we focus on showing benefits as well as how to use biometric fever detection products. Dermalog exemplified how its products work . In addition, exposed their features: high accuracy, extremely fast, easy to implement.

The subject is of global interest, so TechBTC will give this eTraining English too.

Milestone as open platform video management software (VMS). How to make milestone a security ecosystem.

TechBTC know that for our customers is important security at home and business. Thinking of that, we display distinct ways how to make milestone a security ecosystem. In other words, to achieve a perfect combination for your business. Moreover, one Milestone’s benefits is that milestone is an open platform and is capable to integrate with any platform.

Visonic. The alarm system with a real management platform

Security is a priority today. Keeping this in mind, we emphasized showing how you can create an alarm system with a real management platform. Therefore, Visonic explained how to build it with their innovative products.

Visonic design development and manufacture their products in accordance with the highest quality standards.

Videotec eTraining: video surveillance in critical conditions areas

TechBTC closes its May eTraining cycle with video surveillance in critical condition areas such as oil and gas, marines, ports and severe weather environments. We present how to create video surveillance solutions, applicable in those atmospheres. So that, we illustrate a wide range of specialized and certified cutting-edge products.

Periodically we are making webinars, eTraining, certifications and more. To keep up to date you can follow us on our social networks or subscribe to our newsletter. You can also check out our training section.  There we will publish our monthly program of activities.

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